If your business holds meetings, houses events, handles conferences, tradeshows, or any other type of gathering, chances are you require additional seating. More often than not, this involves Stackable furnitre. Flash Furniture has a wide selcetion of stackable seating options for any type of event, from conference room to classroom.


Banquet chairs are a must have for most hospitality establishments. Meeting rooms, conferences and the like are all typically lined with padded seating. Many restaurant utilise this timeless design as well. FLASH FURNITURE offers a few variations on this tried-and-true style with many different fabric and vinyl options as well.


Places of worship have been diversifying for years, and so has their seating. In place of traditional pews, Congregations are leaning towards these CHURCH chairs. Offering more comfort and mobility than the standard pew bench, Worship services and other similar events are favoring these stackable options. Custom fabrics are avaiable, ask us about options!


There is something to say about a classic. Chiavari, Crossback and Napoleon chairs never seem to go out of style.The years pass, but almost every wedding recetion, catered event, or upscale gala have a versoion of these elegant styles. FLASH has these timeless offerings in a variety of colors and woods. There is certainly something for your venue's upcoming busy event season.


Metal stackable seating is most often found on school and business campuses. Attached by the sled base, these chairs stack verk easily and can be dollied into even the tightest storage spaces for future use. FLASH offers a few uniquely modern tweaks to this oft-seen design for those who want to eschew the contemporary mainstays, but they also carry the more familiar profiles as well.