Lambskin Specialties continues to play a leading role in bringing new, innovative and highly effective products to the market as changing maintenance standards and requirements are identified. We are always excited to design, produce and source customized and specialized products

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The original green duster, natural lambswool offers exceptional dusting power. A light static charge, a web of fibers and natural oils work together to attract and hold dust until spun free. All are manufactured with thick premium selected wool skins, featuring rugged plastic handles, and solid construction. They are designed for virtually every dusting application and are used regularly in homes, offices, hotels, airports, retail stores, restaurants, meeting and exhibition halls, hospitals, factories, sports facilities and schools. Unless otherwise requested, Dust Wands are shipped in assorted mixed colors.


Synthetic dusters, manufactured from polypropylene fibers and Microfiber offer an economical and effective alternative for dusting jobs. This selection of models are designed for both arms reach and high dusting – as many models easily attach to utility handles. Washable and versatile.


Soft and supple, feathers effectively pull dust away from fine objects – including plants, bottles and glass ornaments. They are particularly useful in grocery stores, gift shops, bottle shops, and convenience stores, as well as for maintaining leafy plants. Feathers are a natural product; some variance, in color, length and texture should be expected.


Dust safely with two feet on the floor! This selection of specialty dusters is designed for high dusting jobs, offering a fast and safe solution for hard to reach surfaces. All models in this category will secure to any Acme threaded utility handle for long reach (sold separately).


Easily meet the lowest dusting challenges with these products, created in natural lambswool, microfiber, and disposable and biodegradable fiber. These products are suitable for commercial, educational, athletic, institutional, medical, and residential settings. The Glider and Floor Master are available in convenient merchandising packs. They work great on walls too! Refills can be purchased separately for all models. The Bio Mop is ideal for health facilities and commercial, office and hospitality settings.

Like what you see? Fill Out the Form for Sample information and catalog!