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FLAT TOP GALLONS Large heavy-duty bulk sizes are particularly useful in manufacturing applications to remove grease, oil, and other hard-to-clean soils. We offer formulas with walnut shell, pumice, perlite, synthetic or no scrubbers in surfactant, mineral oil and solvent-free bases. Our new! Citra-Soft Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is a waterless formula with no scrubbers.

DURAVIEW DuraView┬« by Kutol utilizes a replaceable cartridge and durable dispenser combination. Soap product comes already loaded inside the waterproof plastic cartridge. When it's time to refill, simply throw out the old cartridge and insert the new one. Lock in place and you're ready to go! In addition to being great looking, the dynamic design eliminates all guessing about product type and soap level. All 2 Liter, 4 Liter and 4.5 Liter cartridges utilize the same durable dispenser, making installation simple.


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PUMP GALLONS Industrial Strength.  When portability and convenience are important, our Pump Gallons are the best choice, with soil-concealing durable gray packages, easy-to-read waterproof labeling and a tough pump included in every bottle. Available in four unique heavy duty formulas to meet every hand cleaning need.

HEAVY DUTY HAND WIPES Ready-to-use, pre-moistened hand wipes offer effective cleaning for tough soils. Textured side scrubs away grease, oil, tar, ink, adhesive and more, smooth side wipes hands clean. No rinsing needed. Special emollient soothes and moisturizes skin. Multi-purpose wipes can also be used for cleaning tools and equipment. Optional wall mount bracket  available. 

BEFORE WORK Hand Cream helps repel and makes it easier to wash off industrial soils. Use before starting work.
AFTER WORK Hand Cream helps sooth, moisturize and restore dry hands. Use after washing hands.

Please Fill out the Form and Receive the Full Kutol Pro Catalog!